How to say I’m cold in Spanish


It’s a sunny day in beautiful Montreal, but it’s so cold!!!!! I guess Mother Nature didn’t get the memo, how do we say I’m cold in Spanish? It’s cold outside, watch the video to find out!

I’m cold: tengo frío 

It’s cold outside: hace frío 

The soup it’s cold: la sopa está fría 

The ice cream it’s cold: el helado está frío 

Have a great sunny spring day mi gente 💐

How to say the four seasons in Spanish 


Today is the very first day of spring, that’s why I decided to teach you how to say it in Spanish, plus as a bonus I added the other three seasons!

Spring: la primavera 

Summer: el verano 

Fall: el otoño 

Winter: el invierno 

The four seasons: las cuatro estaciones 

How to say shrimp in Spanish 


Happy Taco 🌮 Tuesday everybody!!! I’m really craving tacos right now, but what kind? Watch the video to find out 😊

A shrimp: un camarón 

The shrimp: el camarón 

The shrimps: Los camarones 

Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente: shrimp that falls sleep, gets taken away by the current: you snooze you loose 😜

How to say call me in Spanish


Hello? Is it me you’re looking for ? Spanish lesson ⬇️

A phone: un teléfono 

The phone: el teléfono 

The phones: los teléfonos 

Why don’t you call me? Porque no me llamas?

Call me: llámame 

Don’t call me, I’ll call you: no me llames, you te llamo 

You used to call me on my cellphone… 

How to say hangover in Spanish


Happy Sunday! Not feeling great this morning, but I still made a video for today’s lesson, now I must go and get a poutine. Hasta la próxima 😘

A headache: un dolor de cabeza 

My head hurts: me duele la cabeza 

Hangover: resaca, cruda, guayabo, ratón 

I’m hangover: estoy enratonada/o

Estoy enguayabada/o

I have a hangover: tengo un ratón, tengo una resaca, tengo una cruda, tengo un guayabo 

Stay safe mi gente and drink responsibly!