How to say shrimp in Spanish 


Happy Taco 🌮 Tuesday everybody!!! I’m really craving tacos right now, but what kind? Watch the video to find out 😊

A shrimp: un camarón 

The shrimp: el camarón 

The shrimps: Los camarones 

Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente: shrimp that falls sleep, gets taken away by the current: you snooze you loose 😜

How to say pineapple in Spanish


On this Siberian cold weather let’s take a trip down south with my Spanish lesson, today’s word: 🍍 pineapple, happy Friday everybody 

A pineapple: una piña

The pineapple: la piña 

The pineapples: las piñas 

More annoying than a pineapple under the arm: más fastidioso que una piña bajo el brazo 

Strained pineapple: piña colada 

How to say I’m hungry in Spanish


Happy Taco Tuesday 🌮 everybody! Are you hungry? Well, I’ll teach you how to say it en Español!

I’m hungry: tengo hambre
I’m very hungry: tengo mucha hambre
I’m hungry: estoy hambriento
I’m very hungry: estoy muy hambriento
Are you hungry: tienes hambre?
Are you guys hungry: tienen hambre?
Now go and feed your friends and family some Tacos!

Lamp, light, learn Spanish with Maria


Can you see the light? Well even if you can’t, at least you’ll know how to say it Spanish, Spanish lesson, learn Spanish with Maria, have a great day mi gente!
A lamp: una lámpara
The lamp: la lámpara
The lamps: las lámparas
The light: La Luz
The lights: las luces

Cat, learn Spanish with Maria


Buenos días mi gente! Are you ready for today’s lesson? Starring Olivia, today’s word is: CAT 🐱

A cat: un gato
A female cat: una gata
The cat: el gato
A female cat: la gata
The cats: los gatos
The cats (female) : las gatas
A crazy cat: un gato loco
A crazy cat ( female): una gata loca