Los amigos invisibles, Corazón Tatú

One of Venezuela’s greatest musical export “Los amigos invisibles” are back at it again with a brand new video for the song “Corazón Tetú” doing what they do best “cachondo” if it was to be translated into English it would be something like sex appeal, if you speak Spanish, well you can definitely understand the very horny lyrics, yes you read that right! Horny, and this is why we like them, and of course in this song we’ll find the formula that made them famous, a mix of funky disco beats and of course mucho Cachondeo!!!

Enjoy mi gente,

Maria xx

Agua Negra

Meet the Boys from Agua Negra ( El Cotola & Paranoized ) who launched their first album “Agua Negra” this past October, In this album Hip hop meets the traditional melancholic melodies of boleros and cumbia with Montreal being the meeting place, what’s not to like? http://www.facebook.com/officialaguanegra

Here is their first single featuring BOOGAT entitled «Ya Lo Vi».