Los amigos invisibles, Corazón Tatú

One of Venezuela’s greatest musical export “Los amigos invisibles” are back at it again with a brand new video for the song “Corazón Tetú” doing what they do best “cachondo” if it was to be translated into English it would be something like sex appeal, if you speak Spanish, well you can definitely understand the very horny lyrics, yes you read that right! Horny, and this is why we like them, and of course in this song we’ll find the formula that made them famous, a mix of funky disco beats and of course mucho Cachondeo!!!

Enjoy mi gente,

Maria xx

Repeat after me, los Amigos invisibles

What do you get if you mix a hint of disco a dash of funk a touch of acid rock a few drops of Philadelphia sounds or sweet Philly as some would like to call it and of course like the cherry on top a good shot of Latin rhythms? Well you get Los Amigos invicibles!

In the early nineties six guys; Julio Briceño (a.k.a. “Chulius”, vocals, percussion), José Luis Pardo (a.k.a. “Cheo” or “DJ Afro”, guitar, songwriting), Armando Figueredo (a.k.a. “Odnam”, keyboards), Mauricio Arcas (a.k.a. “Maurimix”, congas, percussion), José Rafael Torres (a.k.a. “Catire”, bass), and Juan Manuel Roura (a.k.a. “Mamel”, drums, percussion) decided to get together to create a new sound, a sound missing from the Venezuelan musical landscape ( the band was formed in Caracas, Venezuela) well their plan worked, they were very successful in their crusade to offer “Gozadera” party music, fun music, an alternative the traditional Latin rhythms like salsa and merengue, and a contrast to Punk sounds ( pretty popular in Venezuela in the 90’s).

Now even though the band members are scattered around Mexico, Miami and New York, a few Grammys later, sold out shows throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the band is back at it again, with a new album “Repeat after me” taking us back in time with a Latin floured Afro-jazz tropical disco, Yeap, your hips will not resist their catchy beats, yes the guys never stop touring and they are back electrifying audiences with their explosive live shows.

Los Amigos invisibles perform tonight at at 8 p.m. L’Astral (Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan)

I’ll be dancing the night away, Venezuelan style!

Keep on dancing,

Maria xx

Opening act, Boogat http://www.boogat.com