How to say good morning, afternoon evening and night in Spanish 


Hola mi gente! On this video you will learn how to say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night, you will also learn how to say I’m late, for more learn Spanish with Maria videos and also for Latin inspired video recipes, please subscribe to my channel or visit my vlog:

Good morning: buenos días 

Noon: mediodía 

Good afternoon: buenas tardes 

Good evening: buenas noches 

Good night: buenas noches 

Good night my love: buenas noches mi amor 

I’ll be late: voy a llegar tarde 

How to say scarf, gloves, in Spanish 


Spring is here! 

A scarf: una bufanda 

The scarf: la bufanda 

The scarves: las bufandas

The gloves: Los guantes 

A glove: un guante 

Two gloves: dos guantes 

Si la corneja vuela rasante, saca bufanda y guantes 

Hasta la próxima! 

Lamp, light, learn Spanish with Maria


Can you see the light? Well even if you can’t, at least you’ll know how to say it Spanish, Spanish lesson, learn Spanish with Maria, have a great day mi gente!
A lamp: una lámpara
The lamp: la lámpara
The lamps: las lámparas
The light: La Luz
The lights: las luces