How to say hello, how are you? In Spanish


Hola mi gente! On this video you will learn how to say hello, how are you? I’m fine, thank you and you? 

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How to say family in Spanish, part two 


On this video I will teach you how to say family and of course all the family members, you will easily learn how to say brother , sister, cousins, aunt, uncle, sister in law, brother in law, mother in law, father in law, great grandmother, great grandfather, and of course pet, a very important member of the family, la familia!

Please remember to have fun:) 

How to say the numbers in Spanish 11 to 20


Here is part two of the numbers in Spanish, remember to repeat after me, practice makes perfect!

11: once

12: doce

13: trece

14: catorce 

15: quince 

16: dieciséis 

17: diecisiete 

18: dieciocho 

19: diecinueve 

20: veinte 

Have a magnificent day everybody 😊

How to say scarf, gloves, in Spanish 


Spring is here! 

A scarf: una bufanda 

The scarf: la bufanda 

The scarves: las bufandas

The gloves: Los guantes 

A glove: un guante 

Two gloves: dos guantes 

Si la corneja vuela rasante, saca bufanda y guantes 

Hasta la próxima! 

How to say a turtleneck in Spanish


Another glorious sunny day in beautiful Montreal, but still very cold, on this video I teach you how to say: turtleneck 

A turtleneck: un cuello de tortuga 

The turtleneck: el cuello de tortuga

The turtlenecks: Los cuellos de tortuga 

A turtle: una tortuga 

A hare: una liebre 

vi tantas liebres correr sin sentido que aprendi a ser tortuga y apreciar el recorrido

How to say I’m cold in Spanish


It’s a sunny day in beautiful Montreal, but it’s so cold!!!!! I guess Mother Nature didn’t get the memo, how do we say I’m cold in Spanish? It’s cold outside, watch the video to find out!

I’m cold: tengo frío 

It’s cold outside: hace frío 

The soup it’s cold: la sopa está fría 

The ice cream it’s cold: el helado está frío 

Have a great sunny spring day mi gente 💐

How to say the four seasons in Spanish 


Today is the very first day of spring, that’s why I decided to teach you how to say it in Spanish, plus as a bonus I added the other three seasons!

Spring: la primavera 

Summer: el verano 

Fall: el otoño 

Winter: el invierno 

The four seasons: las cuatro estaciones