Babasonicos, Rock en Español

This is not a new band, they don’t have a new album, the above video it’s not new, but if you haven’t done so, you need to discover this band, please meet Babasonicos! One of the remaining greatest bands of Rock en Español, with a career spanning over two decades, they have done the opening acts to INXS, Soul Asylum and Depeche Mode, Babasonicos also composed the soundtrack for Vera Fogwill’s movie Las Mantenidas Sin Sueños (Kept and Dreamless), which was released in 2007, they are the protagonists of a documentary movie about Jessico, an album that marked their careers and the history of the Argentinian record industry, once one of the strongest and most important exporters of music in Latin America, which with the political and economic crisis was about to vanish completely “Una Historia de Rock En Tiempos Convulsos” transports us to Argentina back in 2001 thru the eyes and music of Babasonicos and their ordeal to launch the album in spite of the chaos going on in the streets, after this events Jessico became a landmark, if this is not enough to appreciate their contribution to Rock en Español what truly catches my eye (literally) is their question of aesthetic standards, this questioning makes their videos unique, at the beginning directing the videos themselves and now enlisting the help of professionals they have manage to carve an style of their own; deliciously kitsch!

I invite you to plunge into the universe of Babasonicos

Bon voyage with Argentinian titans of Rock en Español!

Maria xx