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I’m a Venezuelan/Spanish single mother of two that calls Montreal home, I fell in love with the glorious city of Montreal in 1995, I was born and raised in sunny Barquisimeto, where is that? In a country on the northern coast of South America that has some of the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world, and consistently ranks among the top ten world crude oil producers: Venezuela.

When I first set foot in this city I instantly fell in love, with the smell, the streets, the people, the architecture, the diversity and most of all, the possibilities…

Not long after I met the man who would be my husband for ten years, we met, got engaged, got married and had the two coolest kids I have ever met, Sarah and Simon (you’ll get to know them, The Sanz) and well… stuff happens and we divorced.

Around the same time I met the father of my children a got a job on a TV show replacing a host that had gone on maternity leave, guess what? she never came back as a host, she decided to stay behind the cameras as a producer, well I had my own show “Teleritmo” it was a window for Latin culture, food, music, entertainment… I hosted that show for 13 years and that opened the door for numerous projects in different languages ( I speak Spanish, English and French).

I hosted “Latin Clips” a Latin music show ( I love music) that aired nationally in Canada on Nuevo Mundo TV 

Follow my adventures, the adventures of a feisty divinely imperfect thirty something immigrant mother of two living in a vibrant cosmopolitan city.

This is a lifestyle blog with a Latin flavor, this blog is about getting rid of the image of the unrealistically perfect woman, with fun articles about style, music, food, cocktails (God I could use one now…) family life and of course my Spanish lessons, I mean for my blog to be inclusive, and hopefully inspiring!

Let’s enjoy La dulce vida!

Maria xx


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